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Winter Quarter
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Join us for transfer hangouts! 

Summer & Winter Break 
Virtual Zoom Drop-In
Mon. - Fri. Noon - 1pm

"Welcome to the Mustang Family! As a former transfer student, I encourage you to make the best out of this experience. Meet new people, connect with professors, attend a Cal Poly sporting event, go bowl in the UU, hike to Architecture Graveyard, join a club...but most importantly, find a community! We will be here along the way to support you through your collegiate experience so don't hesitate to reach out. Enjoy your time here, YOU GOT THIS!"
— Danny Zavala, Cal Poly Scholars Academic Advisor

Events & Getting Involved

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“Get involved and challenge yourself to make Cal Poly your new home. It is hard at the beginning to figure out where everything is because it takes time. But make the effort early on so you can feel more at home.” — Current CP transfer student

Transfer Center Events

Winter 2021 Events - Academic, Social & More! 


*All zoom events use this zoom link - 

  • Transfer Welcome to Winter Quarter
    • Wednesday January 6th at 7pm on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
  • Connect with the Dean of Students with us on IG Live 
    • Thursday January 7th at 1:30pm on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
  • Goal Setting for Winter Quarter
  • Students with Dependents & Transfer Center Instagram Live 
    • Wednesday January 13th at 11am on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
    • Cal Fresh & Transfer Center Instagram Live 
      • Friday January 22nd at 2:30pm on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
    • Transfer Dialogue - a space for students to connect 
      • Monday January 25th at 5:30pm on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
    • Instagram Live with PULSE - join us for a conversation about health, nutrition, and exercise! 
      • Wednesday January 27th at 11am on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
    • Taking Advantage of Academic Resources 
      • Wednesday January 28th at 1pm on zoom
    • Connecting with Academic Advising 
      • Thursday February 4th at 11am on zoom (time to connect with your colleges advisors) and 3:30pm on IG live (an overview of resources) 
    • Transfer Dialogue - a space for students to connect 
      • Monday February 8th at 5:30pm on TBD
    • Instagram Live with the Library 
      • Wednesday February 17th at 3pm on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
    • Transfer Student Social 
      • Wednesday February 17th at 7pm on TBD
    • Transfer Dialogue - a space for students to connect 
      • Monday February 22nd at 5:30pm on Instagram Live @cpslotranfers
    • Navigating Health & Wellness leading up to Finals  
      • Tuesday March 2nd at 11am on TBD
    • Week 10 Study Breaks Connections 
      • Tuesday 3/9, Wednesday 3/10 and Thursday 3/11
        • times and event names coming soon
    • Finals Study Breaks Connections 
      • Sunday 3/14, Monday 3/15, Tuesday 3/16, and Wednesday 3/17
        • times and event names coming soon

    Check out our Facebook page's events calendar for more detailed event information!

    Winter 2021 Hangouts - Connect with other Transfers! 

    All hangouts are on zoom -

    • Week 1 (1/4 - 1/8)
      • Transfer Hangout w/Francisco - Thurs. 1/7 at 3pm
    • Week 2 (1/11 - 1/15)
      • Military Connected Students Transfer Hangout - Mon. 1/11 at 4pm 
      • College of Engineering Transfer Hangout - Tues. 1/12 at 5pm 
      • College of Liberal Arts Transfer Hangout - Wed. 1/13 at 5pm
      • Transfer Hangout w/Erik - Thurs. 1/14 at 3pm
    • Week 3 (1/18 - 1/22)
      • College of Science & Mathematics Transfer Hangout - Tues. 1/19 at 5pm 
      • College of Architecture and Environmental Design Transfer Hangout - Wed. 1/20 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Kaylee - Thurs. 1/21 at 5pm 
    • Week 4 (1/25 - 1/29)
      • Dream Center Transfer Hangout - Mon. 1/25 at 4pm 
      • Orfaela College of Business Transfer Hangout - Tues. 1/26 at 5pm 
      • College of Agriculture, Food and Evironmental Science Transfer Hangout - Wed. 1/27 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Amir - Thurs. 1/28 at 5pm 
    • Week 5 (2/1 - 2/5)
      • Pride and Gender Equity Center Transfer Hangout - Mon. 2/1 at 4pm 
      • CLA Transfer Hangout - Tues. 2/2 at 5pm
      • CENG Transfer Hangout - Wed. 2/3 at 5pm 
      • Transfer hangout w/Kaylee - Thurs. 2/4 at 5pm 
    • Week 6 (2/8 - 2/12) 
      • Students with Dependents Transfer Hangout - Mon. 2/8 at 4pm 
      • CAED Transfer Hangout - Tues. 2/9 at 5pm
      • CSM Transfer Hangout - Wed. 2/10 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Franciso - Thurs. 2/11 at 3pm
    • Week 7 (2/15 - 2/19)
      • CAFES Transfer Hangout - Tues. 2/16 at 5pm 
      • OCOBS Transfer Hangout - Wed. 2/17 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Erik - Thurs. 2/18 at 3pm 
    • Week 8 (2/22 - 2/26)
      • Black Academic Excellence Center Transfer Hangout - Mon. 2/22 at 4pm 
      • CENG Transfer Hangout - Tues. 2/23 at 5pm 
      • CLA Transfer Hangout - Wed. 2/24 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Zee and EOP - Thurs. 2/25 at 2:10pm
    • Week 9 (3/1 - 3/5) 
      • Multicultural Center Transfer Hangout - Mon. 3/1 at 4pm 
      • CSM Transfer Hangout - Tues. 3/2 at 5pm
      • CAED Transfer Hangout - Wed. 3/3 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Amir - Thurs. 3/4 at 5pm 
    • Week 10 (3/8 - 3/12)
      • Kennedy Library Transfer Hangout - Mon. 3/8 at 4pm 
      • OCOBS Transfer Hangout - Tues. 3/9 at 5pm
      • CAFES Transfer Hangout - Wed. 3/10 at 5pm 
      • Transfer Hangout w/Zee - Thurs. 3/11 at 1pm 

    Annual Events


    advertising dates of national transfer student week in 2020

    National Transfer Student Week

    Join us in fall quarter to celebrate transfer students! This is a national event celebrated by campuses across the country.

    Check out the 2020 National Transfer Student Week schedule!

    donuts & coffee study break

    Week 10 & Finals Study Breaks

    During week 10 and finals week of fall, winter, and spring quarters we will have various study breaks for students. From donuts and coffee to late night and weekend study time in the center the transfer center is here to support you through finals stress.

    celebration at spring commencement

    Transfer Graduation

    Each fall and spring quarter we will celebrate our graduating transfers. We believe it is important for our Transfer Center to be recognized for the many successes, learning and adaptability it takes to graduate from Cal Poly.

    If you are graduating a different quarter reach out to us and we will make sure to celebrate with you too.



    The Association of Transfer Students (ATS) is a student organization designed to help transfers make their transition to Cal Poly as fun and easy as possible. Check out the ATS website for information about their events and meetings.

    Spaces to Get Involved

    Explore some of the many ways to get involved on campus. If you are seeking to find a community at Cal Poly we also encourage you to come to one of the Transfer Center events (see below for more details). 


    Check out these affinity spaces to find other students and staff with similar identities to yourself!

    • Black Academic Excellence Center - for Black and African American students to gain resources, community and support. 
    • Center for Military Connected Students - for veterans or students who have family in the military to gain support and resources. 
    • Disability Resource Center - for students with physical and non-physical disabilities to acquire support and community. 
    • Dream Center - for undocumented or DACAmented students to seek support and gain community. 
    • Gender Equity Center - for students of all marginalized genders, inclusive of all those who are womxn, feminine-of-center, trans, and nonbinary.
    • International Center - for international student advising and a space to meet other international students. 
    • Men and Masculinities - for students to express ideas and expressions of masculinities through programming and community. 
    • Multicultural Center - for students of historically underrepresented groups to build community and express their multicultural identities. 
    • Pride Center - for students of all gender identities, sexualities and expressions. 
    • SAFER - for students who are interested in, or identify with, the response to and prevention of gender- and power-based violence.

    If you are involved in Cal Poly Scholars, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), or TRIO we encourage you to engage in the programs and opportunities they have for students (both their transfer specific programs and their programs for all students within the program).

    Professional & Career

    Interested in building your resume or gaining new skills? Check out these departments and resources!

    • Associated Students Incorporated - ASI is home to Cal Poly's Student Government which offers great leadership opportunities.
    • Career Services - Meet with a Career Counselor, get resume feedback, practice interviewing and attend the annual Career Fair to get a head start on job searching!
    • Center for Leadership - Earn a leadership certificate and participate in campus-wide leadership opportunities to boost your skills and resume.
    • Center for Service in Action - Participate in community service within the SLO community and beyond!
    • Inter Housing Council - Expand your skills and experience by getting involved in Residential Student Government.  
    • Peer Health Educators - Help educate our campus community by providing workshops on physical, mental and sexual health. 


    Often you can find academic support and opportunities within your College or in your identity-based spaces, but additional spaces include: 

    • Disability Resource Center - for students with disabilities to seek support and services. 
    • International Center - for international student advising and services. 
    • LibRAT Program - for students to seek peer-to-peer research support, includes opportunities to support other students. 
    • Research Databases - for students looking to get involved in research projects on campus and around the world.
    • Study Abroad - for study abroad advising which includes academic, research and internship programs. 
    • Writing and Learning Center - for students to seek tutoring or writing support, includes opportunities to assist other students.

    Other Spaces to Get Involved

    Here are some additional spaces to find your community and gain skills and experience that will support your journey at Cal Poly and beyond!

    Student Employment

    MustangJOBS - Many offices and departments on campus have employment options for students!

    The majority of the student-serving and affinity spaces above also offer student employment options. Be sure to look for them on MustangJOBS, or stop by their spaces to learn about opportunities for employment as some of them may not post the job on Handshake.

    Additional opportunities for employment can be found within the SLO community! Many of our students get jobs at local grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants.


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