Transfer Center

Empowering and supporting transfer students to succeed and thrive at Cal Poly while advancing institutional support for transfer students.

Cal Poly heart TransfersFall Center Hours
Mon. - Thurs. 9am - 5pm & Friday 9am - 1pm
in Bldg 52 RmE30


Tues. & Thurs. on zoom from 6 - 7pm
zoom link -

Come talk to us about general questions regarding your quarter, to get tips on how to navigate Cal Poly academics, to learn ways to find community, to help you get connected to campus resources, and more.


Celebrating Cal Poly's Diverse Transfers

thumb printCal Poly transfers are significantly more diverse than first-time first years.

Learn about Cal Poly transfer demographics.

Transfers come from a wide range of backgrounds and our center is here to celebrate, uplift, and support all the lived experiences and identities of all transfers. 


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