Transfer Student Advisory Council


The Transfer Student Advisory Council (TSAC) is a standing committee that is central to the Transfer Center. Advisory to the Transfer Center Coordinator, TSAC identifies and communicates needs and strengths within the Transfer Center, provides feedback on new initiatives and transfer student focused proposals put forth by the Transfer Center, and anything else students want to bring attention to or suggest.


Student input and support are critical to the Transfer Center’s ability to advocate for the transfer experience, create events and resources to meet student needs, and to achieve the Center’s goals. The Transfer Student Advisory Council encourages innovative action within the Transfer Center and for the greater transfer student population.


TSAC meetings are the first Thursday 11:10AM – 12:00 PM of each month throughout the academic year. Reach out to members on the TSAC if you have concerns, ideas, or more that you want them to bring to TSAC.

    Meet the 2020 - 2021 Transfer Student Advisory Council 

    TSAC member Leslie Torres

    Leslie Torres

    (she, her, hers)

    Major: Communication

    Transferred from Allan Hancock College

    TSAC member Amy Do

    Amy Do

    (she, her, hers)

    Major: Economics

    Transferred from De Anza College

    TSAC member Kaito Lopez

    Kaito Lopez 

    (he, him, his)

    Major: Environmental Management and Protection

    Transferred from El Camino College

    TSAC member Jas  Ghuman

    Jas Ghuman

    (she, her, hers)

    Major: Biochemistry

    Transferred from Clovis Community College

    TSAC member Daniel Nunez

    Daniel Ibarra Nunez

    (he, him, his)

    Major: Sociology

    Transferred from Allan Hancock College

    TSAC member Gabriela Makita

    Gabriela Makita

    (she, her, hers)

    Major: Architecture

    Transferred from Cuesta College

    TSAC member Ricky ChavezRicky Chavez

    (he, him, his)

    Major: Aerospace Engineering

    Transferred from Allan Hancock College, Cuesta College, and San Diego State University 

    TSAC student Rebecca Slagle Luenser

    Rebecca Slagle Luenser

    (she, her, hers)

    Major: Psychology

    Transferred from Cuesta College

    TSAC member Miguel Duran Jr.

    Miguel Duran  Jr. 

    (he, him, his)

    Major: Business Administration

    Transferred from Madera & Fresno Community Colleges

    TSAC member Valeria Estrada

    Valeria Estrada

    (she, her, hers)

    Major: Public Health

    Transferred from MiraCosta College


    TSAC Positions

    • Representative from each of the 6 Colleges
    • Commuter Student Representative (lives outside of SLO city)
    • Off-campus Student (lives off campus but in SLO) Representative
    • On campus Student Representative
    • Association of Transfer Student Representative (a student with a leadership role in this organization)
    • First-year at Cal Poly Transfer Student Representative
    • ASI Transfer Representative (a student with a role in ASI)
    • Mid-year graduate (ie graduating in winter of the current academic year)
    • Cal Poly Transfer Alumni

    For more information please contact the Transfer Coordinator, Heather Domonoske.

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