Advice for Transfer Students

Navigating a new campus and culture can be challenging. We asked students, staff, and faculty to share advice they have for incoming and current Cal Poly transfers!

Dr. Dean Wendt

(he, him, his)

Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Dean Wendt"I learn differently from many folks and can suffer from test anxiety. I needed time at a two-year college to develop my study skills, my confidence and my love of learning before continuing my growth at Cal Poly. It’s taken me years to feel like I belong in academia, which may sound strange coming from the dean of a college, but I’m here as proof that you belong. You have incredible talents, and we at Cal Poly are fortunate to have you."

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Daniel Ibarra

(he, him, his)


student DanielDaniel attended Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA before transferring to Cal Poly. He is part of Orientation's new Transfer Orientation Assistant role for summer 2021 and is a member of the Transfer Student Advisory Council. For navigating his transition, Daniel shared, "I reached out to my TRIO Achievers family and also reached out to other classmates. At the end you will find out that you all are feeling the same way and going through almost the same things. Do not be afraid to talk to other students because they can end up being your next good friend. "He wants to remind all transfers that you belong at Cal Poly! "As a transfer student it can feel like you are thrown in the middle of the track during a marathon and just expected to keep on going without knowing much of everything, but that's okay. Remember you are here because you earned it and that it's never too late to get involved and add some of your own taste to Cal Poly! Show them what you have to offer!" Daniel wants to remind transfers to utilize their professors and staff across campus for all parts of your Cal Poly journey.


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Jori Lemmon

(she, her, hers)

Civil Engineering Major, CENG

alumni Jori

Before attending Cal Poly, Jori attended American River College.

Jori's advice for current transfers:

"It is helpful to live on campus the first year! I lived on campus for the first year. I also got involved in study groups, and attended ASCE meetings. I quickly found a group that helped me through to graduation."

Jori's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"You will now be adjusting to work life the same way you adjusted to life at Cal Poly. Lean into it and learn all that you can."

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