Advice for Transfer Students

Navigating a new campus and culture can be challenging. We asked students, staff, and faculty to share advice they have for incoming and current Cal Poly transfers!

Dr. Dean Wendt

(he, him, his)

Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Dean Wendt"I learn differently from many folks and can suffer from test anxiety. I needed time at a two-year college to develop my study skills, my confidence and my love of learning before continuing my growth at Cal Poly. It’s taken me years to feel like I belong in academia, which may sound strange coming from the dean of a college, but I’m here as proof that you belong. You have incredible talents, and we at Cal Poly are fortunate to have you."

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Alexis Bishop

(she, her, hers)

Psychology major with a minor in child development, College of Liberal Arts

student AlexisBefore attending Cal Poly, Alexis attended Hartnell Community College in Salinas, CA. Alexis is involved in TRiO services and she shared - "The academic adjustment was pretty intense when transitioning to Cal Poly, but I had the most difficulty getting comfortable in the San Luis Obispo community. I felt very excluded and as if I didn’t fit the status quo. A tip I would give to others is to simply reach out to people that stand out to you. It may be easier said than done, but if you come across someone approachable (whether it be a peer, professor, advisor, etc.), I definitely think it’s worth it to reach out to them and ask for their time or assistance. That’s how I’ve established some relationships and developed a sense of community here in SLO." Alexis encourages transfers to get involved with academic services support such as tutoring, supplemental workshops, study session and Hub24 and use the services at Campus Health & Wellbeing. 


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Transfer Transition Tips from Cal Poly Transfers

Transfer Transition Advice from transfer faculty Dr. Wilson


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