Transfer Center
Bldg 52 Rm E30
Mon. - Thurs. 9am – 5pm
Fri. 9am – 4pm

Winter Quarter
Virtual Zoom Drop-In
Mon. - Fri. 1:30 - 2:30pm

Join us for transfer hangouts! 

Summer & Winter Break 
Virtual Zoom Drop-In
Mon. - Fri. Noon - 1pm

"Welcome to the Mustang Family! As a former transfer student, I encourage you to make the best out of this experience. Meet new people, connect with professors, attend a Cal Poly sporting event, go bowl in the UU, hike to Architecture Graveyard, join a club...but most importantly, find a community! We will be here along the way to support you through your collegiate experience so don't hesitate to reach out. Enjoy your time here, YOU GOT THIS!"
— Danny Zavala, Cal Poly Scholars Academic Advisor

About The Transfer Center

Students working together Mustang Way sign students in bubblegum alley

The Cal Poly Transfer Center opened in January 2020 thanks to advocacy from students, the Association of Transfer Students, staff and faculty. 

Transfer Center Vision

Empowering and supporting transfer students to succeed and thrive at Cal Poly while advancing institutional support for transfer students. 

Transfer Center Mission

The Cal Poly Transfer Center is committed to serving the particular needs of our diverse transfer student population while advancing institutional support for transfer students. We offer support and tools to assist students in achieving their desired personal, community, academic, and professional goals as they progress through their educational journey. The Transfer Center is a resource for students as they navigate the academic and cultural landscapes of transitioning to and graduating from Cal Poly. Through connections to campus and SLO communities, peer support networks and campus resources, we support the holistic well-being and success of transfer students.

Physical Transfer Center Space

The Transfer Center is dedicated to offering a physical space that provides a specific area for studying, relaxing, meeting with other students that have shared experiences, and connecting with campus resources and partners in a familiar space. We also provide a space to be heard, seek solutions and guidance from current transfer students and professional Transfer Center staff. We aspire to create a welcoming community space that acknowledges the intersectionality and individuality of each transfer student who belongs on our campus.

Transfer Center Goals:

  • Resources: Provide and connect students to on- and off-campus resources. 
  • Community: Foster a sense of belonging and community for transfer students within and across colleges. 
  • Awareness: Increase campus-wide awareness for how to support and include transfer students within the Cal Poly community. 
  • Advocacy: From application to graduation, advocate for more transfer inclusive policies, practices, events, and language.

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