Advice From CP Transfer Alumni

Cal Poly transfer alumni have shared advice for current transfers while they are at Cal Poly and as they navigate graduating and their next steps after Cal Poly. Join the Transfer Connection for Current Students & Alumni group in Cal Poly Career Connections.

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Roy Garcia

(he, him, his)

Manufacturing Engineering Major, CENG

alumni Roy with his wife

Before attending Cal Poly, Roy attended Hartnell College.

Roy's advice for current transfers:

"It's not too late to change majors if you want to! Staying a little longer to finish extra credits if you have to is 100% worth it. Try to become as self-aware as possible regarding your interests and/or passions and choose your major wisely." 

"GPA is important but club projects and hands-on experience is a lot more important than GPA."

Roy's advice for recent transfer graduates: 

"You can have more than 1 resume so that you can tailor your job applications to give yourself the best chance at getting an interview!"

Cheryl Flores

(she, her, hers)

Comparative Ethnic studies with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, CLA

alumni Cheryl in the center smiling with 4 students standing around her

Before attending Cal Poly, Cheryl attended Cuesta College. 

Cheryl's advice for current transfers:

"1.) Meet with your academic advisor; they will help keep you on track to graduation.
2.) One of the best things you can do as a transfer student is talk to your professors. Get to know them and let them get to know you.
3.) Stay organized. Use your Outlook calendar to keep you organized and on track. Place deadlines, tests, homework, and campus events on your calendar.
4.) If you need help with anything, don’t be afraid to ask."

Cheryl's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"If you plan on applying to a masters program, take your time and find the college that is the right fit for you. And it is okay to take a gap year!"


Keith Wohlert

(he, him, his)

Food Science & Nutrition Major, CAFES

alumni KeithBefore attending Cal Poly, Keith attended Cuesta College.

Keith's advice for current transfers:

"Do your homework to understand what options you have with the major you transfer in as. Are you locked into that major or not. Figure out what your end goal is and work backwards from there to set yourself up well to transfer. Dive into your classes once you transfer and get involved into extracurricular activities since you weren’t part of the dorm life."

Keith's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"Take advantage of the learn by doing. Employers are impressed with Cal Poly students so take advantage of the opportunities."

Karla Arteaga

(she, her, hers)

Business Administration Major with a concentration In Accounting, OCOB

alumni Karla and her husband

Before attending Cal Poly, Karla attended Allan Hancock College and San Joaquin Delta College. 

Karla's advice for current transfers:

"Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t think that because you’re coming in as a transfer you can’t be involved with other clubs and sports"

"My first year of transferring to Cal Poly I made it a point to try and go to clubs that I thought aligned with what I wanted outside of Cal Poly education and also clubs where I would meet people who are also studying the same thing as I was. Doing this help me meet a lot of great people that I still keep in contact with on a weekly basis."

Karla's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"Make being a transfer part of your story!"

Jas Ghuman

(she, her, hers)

Biochemistry, BCSM

alumni Jas smiling in front of a cherry treeBefore attending Cal Poly, Griffin attended Clovis Community College.

Jas's advice for current transfers:

"Congratulations on getting into Cal Poly and know you deserve to be here. At your earliest convenience, I recommend reaching out to counselors and professors to discuss the activities fellow students in your year are engaging in – such as research, clubs, and internships. If you're considering pursuing an internship right away, keep in mind that applications are typically due during the fall and winter quarters. The career center is a great resource for this as well, they can help you with your resume and do mock interviews.

"Have a passion for what you are majoring in! It's ok to switch majors."

Jas's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"There are a lot of skills you can transfer onto your resume, don't underestimate yourself and the work you did. Good luck on the search."


Scott Head

(he, him, his)

Industrial Technology Major with a Packaging &Music Minor, OCOB

Scott smiling

Before attending Cal Poly, Scott attended Diablo Valley College. 

Scott's advice for current transfers:

"Talk to an advisor early on about classes. Get involved ASAP if you want to get connected community-wise. You've got a couple years less for you're 4 year experience so you want to make friends quickly!"

"I played intramural sports. got a job with ASI, joined a club right all within the first 2 quarters. That helped me make friends."


Griffin Gonzales 

(he, him, his)

Political science Major, CLA

alumni GriffinBefore attending Cal Poly, Griffin attended Saddleback College.

Griffin's advice for current transfers:

"Campus life was an adjustment. It helps to have hobbies/interests that allow to connect with others outside of class."

"Have a passion for what you are majoring in! It's ok to switch majors."

Griffin's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"Always keep learning!"


Jori Lemmon

(she, her, hers)

Civil Engineering Major, CENG

alumni Jori

Before attending Cal Poly, Jori attended American River College.

Jori's advice for current transfers:

"It is helpful to live on campus the first year! I lived on campus for the first year. I also got involved in study groups, and attended ASCE meetings. I quickly found a group that helped me through to graduation."

Jori's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"You will now be adjusting to work life the same way you adjusted to life at Cal Poly. Lean into it and learn all that you can."

Leslie Torres

(she, her, hers)

Communication Studies, CLA

alumni Leslie smilingBefore attending Cal Poly, Leslie attended Allan Hancock College.

Leslie's advice for current transfers:

"Your unique experiences is what gives you an advantage, not a disadvantage. Transitioning into Cal Poly is a learning curve, but you are well equipped."

"I found support systems within Cal Poly and outside of Cal Poly. Be Cal Poly proud but also recognize that your life is more than just being a student (begin to think about your hobbies, future career, volunteer opportunities) you have many aspects to your life and that takes some of the pressure off of "fitting in"."

Leslie's advice for recent transfer graduates:

"I am very grateful for the faculty and staff who empowered me- I now work at Cal Poly!"

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