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Please note: If one of our fellow transfers has their email listed, you are welcome to contact them with any questions you may have about their experience at Cal Poly.

College of Engineering

Louise Ibuna

(she, her, hers)

Software Engineering Major, CENG

student LouiseBefore coming to Cal Poly, Louise attended Allan Hancock College. Louise currently serves as the Vice President of Women Involved in Software and Hardware and she is also a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Pilipino Cultural Exchange and Color Coded. One resource on campus she is involved in is the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP), which became the reason she committed to Cal Poly! Louise notes, "at MEP, there is a study room where you can study or make new friends. I found a lot of transfer students or folks who had a similar background as me, which turned into close relationships." She highly encourages transfers to get out of their comfort zones and get involved so that they can meet new people. Louise also admits that identifying as a female and transfer student within engineering has its challenges. So, she recommends utilizing office hours as much as possible and not being afraid to advocate for what you need.


Adrian Heriberto Lopez

(he, him, his)

Mechanical Engineering Major, CENG

student AdrianBefore coming to Cal Poly, Adrian attended Bakersfield College. Adrian is invovled in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Cal Poly Racing, and the Lation Cultural Association. He is also involved in the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) - a great resource for CENG transfers - and the staff can make sure you are maximizing your courses and taking things in the right order (something that Adrian says is very important to allow you to graduate as early as possible). Adrian's key piece of advice for transfers is "Don’t be afraid to speak up and put yourself out there. Be the change of the the typical engineer stereotype of being antisocial or introverted. Having a good school/life balance is very important for the protection of your mind, body and sanity. These years are going to be one of the best years of your life, do not live in regret." He knows that adjusting to the quarter system and Cal Poly can be challenging and he wants to remind you to not " let all these things about “imposter syndrome” and “culture shock” overwhelm you because at the end of the day…you made it to CAL Poly SLO, they accepted you so that’s got to mean something."


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science

Hannah Hoffman

(she, her, hers)

Nutrition major, CAFES

student HannahBefore coming to Cal Poly, Hannah attended Santa Monica College. Hannah is involved in the Waterski Club and has benefited from utilizing resources like tutoring, Campus Health and Wellbeing, and the Disability Resource Center. One thing she wants all transfers to remember is "If you need help, do not be afraid to use resources or reach out to people you know." Hannah knows that it can be hard navigating the transition to Cal Poly so she encourages transfers to "collaborate a lot with classmates. Through that, I’ve made a lot of connections. I’ve also met people through the transfer student discord which is a great resource." She is also happy to connect with you more and provide you support one transfer student to another so don't hesitate to email her! 


Ignacio Mata-Garcia

(he, him, his)

Agriculture Science Major, CAFES

student IgnacioBefore coming to Cal Poly, Ignacio attended Bakersfield College. Ignacio is very committed to equity and social justice work on campus and is currently serving on the AG Ed and Comm Student Advisory Council, CAFES Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and the CPX Student Advisory Committee. He encourages transfer students "to create connections with communities and centers on campus" because he found doing this allowed him the opportunity to "develop his own SLOme" during his first quarter at Cal Poly. Some of the offices Ignacio has gotten involved with are TRIO, InterHousing Council, the Center for Service in Action and the Center for Leadership. Ignacio wishes he was better prepared for the shift from the semester to quarter system and encourages all students to prepare and use resources on campus to help with this transition.


College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Hayley Kim

(she, her, hers)

Architecture, CAED

student HayleyBefore coming to Cal Poly, Hayley attended Pasadena City College. She is involved in Photography, Archery, and Hiking at Cal Poly and worked for the Transfer Center during the 2021 - 2022 academic year as a student assistant specializing in graphic design. She was nervous about the transition to Cal Poly and suggests for incoming transfers "I actively looked for various campus resources through facebook, Instagram, and people around me throughout the whole academic year and I'm glad I did that. I would advise people to reach out to others and ask for help if needed." Hayley wishes she knew about the tutoring resources available during her transition to Cal Poly and also encourages students to get connected with the "Emergency Housing & Meal Voucher Programs - they saved my life :) I hope people take advantage of all the resources that are available to them". 


College of Science and Mathematics 

Jake Ethington

(he, him, his)

Biology Major, CSM

student JakeBefore transferring to Cal Poly, Jake attended Santa Rosa Junior College. He currently lives on campus and recommends utilizing this resource along with others, like academic advising, Supplemental Workshops, Hub24 (the 24-hour study lounge), and Campus Health & Wellbeing. In addition to campus resources, Jake recommends getting involved early on. "It is a great way to meet new people and find your place on campus," he says. He also went through the process of changing his major upon coming to Cal Poly and though this process is different for every person, Jake is open to discussing what emotions came along with this and what his experience was like.


Jaskiran Ghuman

(she, her, hers)

Biochemistry, CSM

student JaskiranBefore coming to Cal Poly, Jaskiran attended Clovis Community College. Jaskiran is in TRIO and a member of the Transfer Student Advisory Council. She is also on the board of the Association of Transfer Students. Jaskiran wants to remind transfers that "Cal Poly has so much to offer and being a transfer sometimes you don't know about everything that is offered, so don't be afraid to reach out, learn about, and utilize resources. Cal Poly is fairly small, most people are friendly, and every professor I have had has wanted their students to excel and have been very helpful to reach that goal." For incoming transfers remember that "there are upper division general education classes that you have to take and can take your first quarter at Cal Poly." Jaskiran lived on campus her first year and knows that transferring can be stressful but encourages transfers to "Join a club there are so many to choose from, make friends, enjoy sitting on the lawns, and utilize all the resources Cal Poly offers."


Orfalea College of Business

Karla Arteaga Flores

(she, her, hers)

Business Administration major, OCOB

student KarlaBefore coming to Cal Poly, Karla attended Allan Hancock. She is a commuter student and is involved in OCOB's Transfer-Mations talks. In reflecting on coming to Cal Poly, she wishes she "knew that that was other transfers dealing with the same issues as I was. Having a community really helped." Karla joined groups in order to get involved on campus. She wants to remind transfers to ask questions -"Never feel embarrassed for having questions. The staff is here to help you!".


Miyu Nishii

(she, her, hers)

Business Administration major, OCOB

student Miyu NishiiBefore coming to Cal Poly, Miyu attended Saddleback College. She is an international student who is very involved on campus! Miyu is a Project Manager at DxHub by Amazon Web Services, Orfalea College of Business Transfer-Mations Peer Leader, Vice President of International Club and Member of Women in Business. She admites that transitioning to a new campus can be intimidating and encourages students to "keep an open mind" and "introduce yourself to people in your class, clubs, and anything you're invovled in!" She also volunteers at the Disability Resource Center and encourages students to utilize this and all of the other great campus resources. "Their job is to help you, and they can really be beneficial in supporting your success on campus."  When coming to Cal Poly, Miyu wishes she knew more about the recruitment process for interenships and jobs, "As a transfer student, we have limited time to search for internships before we graduate. I would suggest transfers to dive into the job search such as attending Career Fairs as soon as you get to Cal Poly and have your resume prepared."


College of Liberal Arts

Rafael Medina Robles

(he, him, his)

Journalism major, CLA

student RafaelBefore attending Cal Poly, Rafael attended Allan Hancock College. He is a commuter student and is involved in Mustang News. Rafael shared "I think that Cal Poly's social aspect helped me make a lot of new friends since day one." Something he encourages students who live near SLO to do is visit campus a few times before your first day. This allowed him to "familiarize himself and be able to meet new people as well as to discover new opportunities." Rafael's community college academic counselor is a Cal Poly alumni. He found it helpful to connect with him and thus he encourages you to connect with any alumni you know to learn about their experience and what suggestions they have about resources on campus.


Savannah, Sociology Major & Student with Dependent

Rebecca, Psychology Major & Nontraditional College Student


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