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Please note: If one of our fellow transfers has their email listed, you are welcome to contact them with any questions you may have about their experience at Cal Poly.

College of Engineering

Juanita Lopez -Mejia

(she, her, hers)

Environmental Engineering Major, CENG

student JuanitaBefore coming to Cal Poly, Juanita attended Irvine Valley College. She currently serves as the secretary of WaterWorks and she encourages other transfers to "Try as many clubs as you're interested and you'll find the right people for you :) Everyone always regrets not getting involved sooner." Juanita is a student researcher with WESTT and wants to remind everyone that your professors are a great resource for support - "They're gonna be the best at connecting you with the most relevant resources for your needs and they're the ones who can help guide you through research opportunities, graduate opportunities, and life." Finally, Juantia knows that the quarter system is a big adjustment and she encourages folx to make use of WOW, utilize a calendaring system, and remember "that the first quarter is always really hard for everyone even if it looks different."


Adrian Heriberto Lopez

(he, him, his)

Mechanical Engineering Major, CENG

student AdrianBefore coming to Cal Poly, Adrian attended Bakersfield College. Adrian is invovled in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Cal Poly Racing, and the Lation Cultural Association. He is also involved in the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) - a great resource for CENG transfers - and the staff can make sure you are maximizing your courses and taking things in the right order (something that Adrian says is very important to allow you to graduate as early as possible). Adrian's key piece of advice for transfers is "Don’t be afraid to speak up and put yourself out there. Be the change of the the typical engineer stereotype of being antisocial or introverted. Having a good school/life balance is very important for the protection of your mind, body and sanity. These years are going to be one of the best years of your life, do not live in regret." He knows that adjusting to the quarter system and Cal Poly can be challenging and he wants to remind you to not " let all these things about “imposter syndrome” and “culture shock” overwhelm you because at the end of the day…you made it to CAL Poly SLO, they accepted you so that’s got to mean something."


Orfalea College of Business

Alejandra Martinez

(she, her, hers)

Business Administration MAJOR concentrating in accounting, OCOB

student Alejandra smiling at cameraAlejandra attended Community College of San Francisco (CCSF) before transferring to Cal Poly. She is a Transfer Academic Coach and the Treasure of the Association of Transfer Students (ATS). For finding community as an incoming student, Alejandra shared, "It takes time to find your community at Cal Poly. Don't worry if you don't find a best friend by week 1, most find their people after their first quarter." She has found that clubs are a great way to create community and encourages you to "join multiple clubs to find the one that vibes with you the most. Don't be afraid to join as well as leave clubs." Whether you are a new or continuing transfer student, Alejandra encourages people to check out the Transfer Center and ATS. "I made most of my friends by attending their events. The transfer center also has many resources you should take advantage of like free printing, snacks, and a place to study!"


College of Liberal Arts

Wesley Ahumada Newhart

(he, him, his)

Political Science major, CLA

student WesBefore attending Cal Poly, Wes attended Montana State University. He lives on campus, works for OUDI and during fall 2022, he is participating in a Cal Poly Abroad program in Valladolid, Spain (reach out to Wes if you want to learn more about studying abroad as a transfer)! Wes is the Communications and Outreach Chair in the newly rechartered Political Science Club, I am a founding officer in the new Pi Sigma Iota Honors society for World Language students, and I am a proud member of the Cal Poly Spanish Club. For Wes, "coming to Cal Poly was a total culture shock. When I first arrived, I felt a lot of pressure to integrate into the university and have instant success academically and socially. Unfortunately, these expectations did not help me with my transfer and ended up making me less content than I could have been. It is important to recognize that each transfer experience is unique and that comparing yourself to others' experiences or your perceptions of what a transfer experience should be is not beneficial." He recommends the one-credit activity classes that Cal Poly offers departments like Kinesiology and Music because they are "great stress relievers and a good way to meet other students."


Sam Buck

(she, her, hers)

Art and Design Major, CLA

student SameBefore coming to Cal Poly, Sam attended Saddleback College. She knows that the transition to Cal Poly academics and the life of a student here can be overwhelming. She reminds transfers - "Don't be afraid to take advantage of the resources available to you as a student. I've had great experiences with the Disability Resource Center, Campus Health and Wellbeing, and academic support resources. These things are here for the students so don't hesitate to use them. Adjusting to a new campus, the quarter system and (for many of us) a new city can be overwhelming and difficult and the support offered through these organizations is super beneficial." Sam works on-campus as a graphic designer for the Office of Writing and Learning and is involved in the Sustainable Fashion Club and volunteers at the Cal Poly Cat Program. She encourages transfers to "Get involved in hobbies and activities that interest you and you will find the places and people you fit with." Life has a Cal Poly student can be overwhelming but Sam has some good advice for keeping it in perspective. "Also, make sure you don't spend all day, every day studying and stressing about your classes. Adjusting to the pace of the quarter system is definitely hard, but losing sleep over assignments and missing out on enjoying college isn't going to help you in the long run. When you look back on these years, you won't remember one bad test grade, you'll remember trips to Morro Bay and going to Farmer's on Thursdays and drinking coffee with friends at Front Porch."


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science

Chloe Sears

(she, her, hers)

Environmental Management and Protection Major, CAFES

Chloe smiling with flowers behind herBefore coming to Cal Poly, Chloe attended University of California, Santa Cruz and Sacramento City College. Chloe has lived both on and off campus while at Cal Poly and is a part of That's The Key Acapella group and Poly Reps. Chloe is really glad she has a strong community on campus and encourages transfers to join clubs! "Clubs are a FANTASTIC way to meet new people, build a community, and make an impact on the Cal Poly campus. By taking a chance and putting myself out there, I have met my best friends and made some great memories!" Outside of clubs, Chloe encourages everyone to make connections in their classes. "One tip is to make friends with the people in your classes (especially the Upper Division courses you take your first quarter!) and form study groups. The quarter system moves fast, and having a group of people to study with helps you stay accountable for getting the work done, and makes studying much more fun!" Chloe wants to remind all transfers to "take advantage of the resources at your disposal!" whether that be your college academic advisor, faculty, your department chair, or career services there are a lot of people on campus here to support you. 


Dan Simon

(he, him, his)

Wine and Viticulture Major with enology, CAFES

student Dan smilingBefore coming to Cal Poly, Dan attended Cochise College, Irvine Valley College, Orange Coast College, Saddleback College, and Monterey Peninsula College. Dan is involved on campus through clubs, work study, and working at the ASI Childrens Center. For incoming transfers, he wants you to know "There's a place and community for everyone here, even an older Marine Corps veteran from out of the area." Adjusting to academics can be challenging so Dan encourages transfers to "Get to know your professors. They can be extremely valuable networking and often have connections to really special opportunities." He also has found great success in connecting with or creating study groups."I made an active effort to connect with classmates by forming study groups. I'm always intimidated until the conversation has started and then I always realize the same thing: everyone at Cal Poly is welcoming, accepting, and wants to make connections."


Hannah Hoffman

(she, her, hers)

Nutrition major, CAFES

student HannahBefore coming to Cal Poly, Hannah attended Santa Monica College. Hannah is involved in the Waterski Club and has benefited from utilizing resources like tutoring, Campus Health and Wellbeing, and the Disability Resource Center. One thing she wants all transfers to remember is "If you need help, do not be afraid to use resources or reach out to people you know." Hannah knows that it can be hard navigating the transition to Cal Poly so she encourages transfers to "collaborate a lot with classmates. Through that, I’ve made a lot of connections. I’ve also met people through the transfer student discord which is a great resource." She is also happy to connect with you more and provide you support one transfer student to another so don't hesitate to email her! 


Bailey College of Science and Mathematics 

Jayden Yamamoto

(she, her, hers)

chemistry, BCSM

student Jayden smiling outside next to the Einstein statueBefore coming to Cal Poly, Jayden attended Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA. Jayden serves as a learning assistant for both physics and chemistry courses at Cal Poly. Jayden wants incoming transfers remember that "everyone else (even non-transfer students) are struggling with the same questions about academics, relationships, and connections is something I wish I knew before. I came in with a false sense of outsider syndrome when after time, I found that everyone in my classes were feeling the same way." Jayden has utilized the transfer academic coaches and other supports within the Learning Support Center to help her navigate academics at Cal Poly. She encourages all transfers to "make yourself known to professors, advisors, and counselors. Making friends in the classroom is important, but going to office hours with professors and meeting regularly with advisors and counselors helps you stay on track and make sure that you have connections when things get bumpy." If you're at Cal Poly and feeling lost or that you are not sure how to find connections reach out to Jayden! "I've loved being at Cal Poly. It has been an amazing chance to finish my degree while getting hands-on experience in research laboratories. I'd love to talk with anyone about transitioning into a new atmosphere, making connections with professors, finding research/job experiences, or anything else!"


College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Hayley Kim

(she, her, hers)

Architecture, CAED

student HayleyBefore coming to Cal Poly, Hayley attended Pasadena City College. She is involved in Photography, Archery, and Hiking at Cal Poly and worked for the Transfer Center during the 2021 - 2022 academic year as a student assistant specializing in graphic design. She was nervous about the transition to Cal Poly and suggests for incoming transfers "I actively looked for various campus resources through facebook, Instagram, and people around me throughout the whole academic year and I'm glad I did that. I would advise people to reach out to others and ask for help if needed." Hayley wishes she knew about the tutoring resources available during her transition to Cal Poly and also encourages students to get connected with the "Emergency Housing & Meal Voucher Programs - they saved my life :) I hope people take advantage of all the resources that are available to them". 


Savannah, Sociology Major & Student with Dependent

Rebecca, Psychology Major & Nontraditional College Student


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