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Join us for transfer hangouts! 

Summer & Winter Break 
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"Welcome to the Mustang Family! As a former transfer student, I encourage you to make the best out of this experience. Meet new people, connect with professors, attend a Cal Poly sporting event, go bowl in the UU, hike to Architecture Graveyard, join a club...but most importantly, find a community! We will be here along the way to support you through your collegiate experience so don't hesitate to reach out. Enjoy your time here, YOU GOT THIS!"
— Danny Zavala, Cal Poly Scholars Academic Advisor

Transfer Student Resources

Our Center is here (virtually and in person) to help you navigate personal, academic, and professional success while you are at Cal Poly.

Check out Transfer Transitions - this website offers different timelines and resources to help with the various transitions you navigate coming to Cal Poly.

Virtual Learning Support and Living in a Time of COVID-19 Tips and Tricks

Check out some resources we've created and other Cal Poly websites that outline support for learning virtually and living in a time of physical distancing and shelter-in-place.

Virtual Learning




Academic Advising

Colleges provide academic advising for Transfer Students.
Learn about where your college advising center is and how to connect with them!

For general transfer academic advising questions check out the transfer advising website.

“My advisors really wanted to help me succeed!” - Recent CP Transfer Graduate

Click on your college for information regarding different majors, suggested classes for your first fall quarter, and resources and support available for transfers within their college.

Learn about the change of major process and explore degree flowcharts (some colleges have transfer specific flowcharts on the websites linked above).

Academic Policies and Support

If you have any questions about these policies reach out to your College Advising center.

Academic Policies

There are many resources, offices, and people here to support your academic experience at Cal Poly. Click on the links in the table below to explore these resources. 

Academic Support

  • Academic Probation Support
  • Academic Skills Center
  • Assist/Transfer Credits
  • College Librarians
    • "College librarians/specialists are a thing and they are awesome! Each college has a college librarian that is there to help students learn how to utilize library resources, help to guide research, and answer a TON of other questions. When I came into Cal Poly, and entered into my upper div major courses, I felt really behind on research, like everyone else knew how to find amazing, peer-reviewed, credible info, while I was relying heavily on Google. I didn't know how to access and effectively utilize the resources that Cal Poly has. It wasn't until grad school that I met with a College Librarian (during a class presentation) and was blown away by the wealth of knowledge they had to share. They can help you get started on research, help you use data bases, navigate course reserves and journals, and even help with citations." - CP Transfer Graduate
  • CSU Fully Online
  • Writing and Learning Center
  • University Library

Your professors are also a resource. Going to office hours, talking to professors after class, or emailing them are three great ways to get academic support for a class you are in.

  • "Talk to your professors. Tell them you're a transfer student. Tell them you're working two jobs. Tell them you've got family you're supporting, that you're commuting, that you only have access to one computer at home that you share with other people, that you have no idea what you're doing yet at Cal Poly because you just got here and already feel a little lost. Whatever. Tell your professors when you've fallen behind, when something happens that is affecting your academics. A lot of professors will work with you. I took an Incomplete in a course- which I felt like was an F. It wasn't-- it allowed me to take additional time to complete my coursework and get the grade I deserved. Along those same lines... understand grading at Cal Poly. It's different at every school." - Lindsay Lacey, Academic Advisor who is a transfer student who graduated from Cal Poly

Career Support and Resources

Cal Poly Career Services

Ways to build your resume and expand your skills:

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

A program subsidized by the federal government that provides part-time job opportunities for students who have need-based financial aid eligibility.


Powered by Handshake, MustangJOBS is Cal Poly's online job listing service. Over 25,000 on-campus, local part-time jobs, internships, and career positions are made available annually!

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Check out the Center for Service in Action for many great volunteer opportunities within the SLO community. Checkout the Americorps Program, the domestic PeaceCorps that provides a huge array of services to those in need, as an option to consider for after graduation.

Financial Resources

Transitioning into a new environment can also add financial stress. If you are facing a financial challenge, know that you are not alone and we are here to help. Below are some resources that could benefit you in your transition to Cal Poly.

Basic Needs Support

Cal Poly Cares Grant

Financial Aid

Hunger Program

Professional Clothing Closet

Textbook Match

Tuition and Fees


As a transfer student you are on a fast track to graduation. Upon coming to Cal Poly, you are faced with the reality of having such a short amount of time to get involved in your community and make sure you are doing what you need to be doing in order to graduate in a timely manner. This can often be a challenging and isolating journey, but you are not alone. To make it easier, here are some steps to take to ensure you are on the right track to graduation: 

Step 1:

Check the Cal Poly Office of the Registrar Website for the current quarterly calendars and the other resources such as the schedule of classes, course descriptions, and FAQ.

  • The Registrar’s website also offers each quarterly calendar for all important dates and timelines (e.g. final exam schedules) so that you can stay up to date on all the important deadlines and events.   

Step 2:

Sit down with your departmental advisor every quarter to make sure you are on track for graduation. 

  • It is even more important to sit down with an academic advisor if you are in your last year at Cal Poly – you should do this early, preferably the first quarter of your last year. For more information on academic advising options, click here.  

Step 3:

Keep track of your academic progress throughout the year by referencing your Degree Progress Report (DPR) through your Poly Profile.

  • The DPR outlines all the units you have fulfilled so far (including units transferred, CSU units finished, and major/minor units) and details what units you still need to fulfill before graduation.  

Housing Resources

On-Campus Housing

For students choosing to live on campus, Cal Poly offers two types of housing arrangements. Both housing options are apartment-style dorms and have limited availability, so make sure to apply early!

"I would definitely recommend living on campus for your first year. It is a little more difficult finding community as a transfer student, so the people you live with are opportunities to make really great friends. Cal Poly does a great job in having you room with fellow transfers." - Current Transfer Student

You can find more information regarding on-campus housing by visiting their Transfer and Graduate Student Housing website. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about living on campus.

Off-Campus Housing

For students looking to live off campus, we recommend visiting Housing'sOff-Campus Housing website for detailed information on various resources and steps you can take to secure housing off campus.

“Loved living off campus! It helped me to be a member of the SLO community and not just Cal Poly. Loved being off campus but still within walking distance.” - Recent CP Transfer Graduate

You might also consider joining the Cal Poly (CP) Housing, Sublets and Roommates Facebook page. You will need a valid Cal Poly email to join as it is a secure page. Many listings are posted throughout the school year and annual contracts become available every summer!

Non-traditional Student Support and Resources

No two students are the same. Every student has their own unique journey and their needs differ depending on their experiences.

Resources for students of non-traditional backgrounds:

Affinity spaces for students:


If you are seeking support, do not see a resource listed, or want more information - email us or stop by our office and we are happy to help!

photo of Heather Domonoske

Meet with Our Coordinator 

Heather Domonoske (she/her) is available to meet with students to discuss their Cal Poly experience, listen, connect them to resources, and more. Schedule an appointment with Heather.

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